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01 January 2037 @ 01:55 pm
This is a Friends Only journal, with a few random posts for everyone, every once in a while...

Just comment, and I'll add, or add me as a friend, and I'll usually do the same...

Chances are, I will drop off the face of the earth once in a while. It is probably because I am diddling around in other interests for a while, or my life has been so monotonous that I have nothing new to share that I haven't already added. Do not be too concerned over it.

I try to be as open minded as possible with people, and though I may complain every once in a while, because whining it out anonymously helps the healing and moving on process for me, I try to live by the philosophy of "do as you will, but harm none" and try to not be cruel, rude, or write rude things, and though you can't always not offend someone all the time, I find refraining from shouting abuse, using offensive language (and cursing and using the word bastard or asshole is not offensive in my eyes), and keeping the peace is a great way to live contently on LJ and the Internet as a whole.

Respect me, and I respect you. Offend me, and I will offend you, or just leave.

Friends Only
06 April 2014 @ 05:54 pm
I want to wish radowan a great birthday today! Another year, another pound of wisdom, my dear. I hope you are doing well, and I love you.
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30 November 2013 @ 01:15 pm
Tim Burton has broken me today. I watched the movie for the first time this afternoon, and I was crying throughout the movie because it didn't occur to me that this was about losing a beloved pet, and it was sweet in the end, but it was sad for me, because I did not need the reminder of Pepper... Why didn't it occur to me that this movie would make me think of it?
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18 August 2013 @ 01:11 pm
So my computer is seriously in need of a reboot, restore to factory settings like yesterday, and unfortunately, I never had a installation disc with the computer when I first got it, because the newer ones want you to make your own restore disc, and I didn't know that until long after I added shit that apparently corrupted the core kernal (per my computers own words with a death-blue colored background).... I tried to create restore points, but it was already too late, and I cannot complete backups on my passport external drive because of it.

I am unable to afford a new computer, especially when my last paycheck is this coming Friday, and I have not yet been able to secure a replacement job. I am about to cry, because the best thing I can do is not go onto Tumblr (because the most problems come up when I get on Tumblr) or download anything from FrostWire. That includes episodes, music, etc... I am not happy to report that I also deleted a whole shitload of games I downloaded (and paid for a one-time download) to play (damn you Virtual Villagers)...

So, until monetary binds untie, I am gonna have to work on that Tumblr addiction, and avoid things that spell F-U-N, so I have a computer for my online classes as long as possible, because there were a serious number of files that were damaged beyond repair, and I have no other means of gaining another laptop... I cannot wipe this one until I can figure out how to get Microsoft 7 and its components back on my computer without completely killing the computer in the process...

Anyone has any suggestions?

Cacique Cash

For whatever reason, no one at Tumblr is interested in this, and the coupon will expire in two days. You can use it online as a promo code on the Lane Bryant website. If you are interested let me know, I will be periodically checking for messages.

I forgot I had this $15 cacique cash coupon after an order I made. It expires on July 28th that you can redeem online at Lane Bryant… I can send the promo code to whoever is interested. Just message me and I will send it to you.

First come first serve, since there is only one.

04 March 2013 @ 01:13 am

Untitled, But For Fans

In the moment in the story,
Between the beginning and the end,
There is a fragment of truth,
The Headmaster refused to amend.

In that festering wound,
Stood a fierce shadow of death,
In the footsteps of a boy,
An orphan of a life as of yet unmet.

He grew up in a cold manner,
All harsh edges and blank faces,
And learned to think only for himself,
And wrote his life down on blank pages.

He became the legacy of Lord Slytherin,
All for the Pureblood cause and rapport,
And of the Muggle world he had no fear,
For he was Lord Voldemort.

He killed his enemies in cold blood,
Led a band of malicious Death Eaters.
To cross him was a worse fate than death,
As he was crueler and worse than any dark creature.

In the midst of his assault of the magical world,
There fought the Order of the Phoenix.
Many members stood for what was right,
But of the corruption within magic couldn’t fix.

As it always happens when the day is pitch,
There came the answer to these dark times,
But who was who and where and when,
It came down to a few unclear lines.

A prophesy came about one night,
To plot an end to You Know Who was the notion.
But the child spoken of was by chance,
And the dark lord put everything in motion.

The child was born as the seventh month dies,
And marked by Him as his equal,
With parents who died to keep him alive,
He became a hero of the people.

He grew up surrounded by the worst sort,
But he grew up kind and humble,
And of the wrong versus the right,
From his morals and beliefs he did not stumble.

But the dark lord still survived the murder attempt,
Thanks to some magic foul and dark,
And came back to finish the deed,
Thanks to that scar, that lightning bolt mark.

The question soon became how,
How to defeat a man who survived the unforgivable,
With Horcruxes and minions by his side,
And made life for those less than Pureblood unlivable.

The Headmaster knew there was a way,
By payment of a serious and most expensive price,
Just one to surrender for the good of all,
It was just one small sacrifice.

For one to die at the hands of the other,
One Gryffindor against one Slytherin,
From one orphaned child to another,
Only one would be able to win.

This secret the Headmaster took to his grave,
And put into motion an end of a war decades extended.
The Chosen One couldn’t be forced to surrender,
His life had to be willingly conceded.

Seven years of adventures played out,
Drawing to a large and final battle,
Sides were taken and mistakes were made,
But to explain the depths of this would be to prattle.

Safe to say there was a manhunt,
For the pieces of broken soul,
Whittled away until just the man was left,
Embittered and broken and cold.

For such a large and important role,
Placed on such small shoulders,
The Chosen One never paused nor quit,
Even as the green light chilled him over.

The dark lord never once thought to remove the piece,
Of slivered soul tucked underneath the boys’ scar,
And as the sword of Gryffindor lopped off the snakes head,
The end of the dark lord was not far.

With the mastering of the three Deathly Hallows,
The Chosen One was able to survive the killing blow,
And was able to have one last chance to free the world,
From the hands of a mad man with no nose.

There are many more stories less important,
Than the tale of the amazing Boy Who Lived,
For if you ask millions of new and old readers,
The tale of Harry Potter was an unforgettable gift.

Wrote this for my online English 2960 creative writing web class in poetry, and want to share………………….

11 February 2013 @ 12:16 pm
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10 February 2013 @ 12:02 pm
09 February 2013 @ 12:01 pm
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08 February 2013 @ 12:01 pm